Friday, February 1, 2008

Winter storm warning?

What gives? January really has been quite nice for cyclists here in Ottawa. I've pretty much been getting 1-3 rides a week outside all month, minimal snow, and overall good times. Now, I get to class yesterday (after a solid couple hours on the turbo trainer - term from Maggie interview. I like) just in time for a solid debate on whether anyone will be attending in the apparent snow storm. 20cm or something. Needless to say, it is not doing anything yet as of 7am. But I can only assume that mother nature is waiting to play a cruel joke on me and start snowing real heavy just before I get in my car for the drive. I would advise you all to therefor do any driving before about noon when I'll be heading home. Hopefully a sweet weekend. My boy Geoff is making his return to Ottawa in preparation for our departure (next Saturday!). He claims he's here to see his girlfriend, but I have no doubt this is simply an excuse to see me earlier. Sandy withdrawal is common. It is the main reason why I must return to work at the Cyclery ever Saturday. Why else would they pay some as generally useless as me? On a side note, after watching Across the World, my head is now a constant source of Beatles music. For example, all I can think of at the moment is... "hold my hand and I'll miss you, tomorrow I'll kiss you..." This could be somewhat dangerous going into shop class. More reports on whether I sever any digits or limbs to come. Internet can be spotty at home and the hospital. Cheers to non-life threatening injuries!

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