Sunday, February 10, 2008


16 hours in the car. Snow and nasty until West Virginia. But then sun and warmth down here to the wonderful land of South Carolina. Got in about 11, after a few wrongs turns on side roads reminding us of a bad horror movie. But we found the place. Pretty much by driving down the street and looking for a house with cars with Ontario plates and bike racks. To be fair, its pretty hard to miss our place... its basically a mansion. We are pretty full right now, at capacity one might say, with 9 of us here. Got some pics to come, but gotta get out for groceries first. Geoff and I woke ourselves up with the sunrise and hit the road to spin our legs. Hour and a half of quality easy spinning, with a few canine induced sprints thrown in for good measure. Perfect way to start our first day here. High of 16 today and bloody clear skies. The boys are heading out for a solid 5 hour jaunt, be we figure that may not be the best plan for Geoff and I. Relax and easy are the order of the day. Otherwise life is as good as can be after nearly 1800kms driving in a day. We did stop 3 times for gas and once for dinner. 'Mac n' Bobs' restaurant. Seemed more funny and appealing than McDonalds. Me and Geoff are currently rooming with my boy Evan Mundy, but will soon have the room to ourselves when he moves down the road for the camp. Its time for some work. Maybe a nap. Cause I'm a cyclist.

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