Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Cycling never gets easier, you just go faster. That basically sums up my day. My body decided to get into the hurt box and join the team RACE boys (minus Keir) for their 7 hour jaunt through the mountains of South and North Carolina. Some peer pressure may have been applied by a select few... aka Pozzy. Either way, 201km and 7 hours later, I'm home. More named climbs than I could shake my tired fists at, and plenty of fun times. In that weird and painful cycling kinda way. Had a solid 2 hour period towards the second half of the day were I felt like complete garbage, right around the time we hit the Blue Ridge parkway climb, a little after THIS sign...

Not sure about you, but this is exactly what I like to see 4 hours from home.

I gritted my teeth, road my pace and sucked some wheels. Everyone kinda went at their own pace up the Blue Ridge, as it is a roughly 40-45 minute ascent with temps at the top dropping nicely below 5 degrees. We all re-grouped on the descent and demolished a local gas station of its collection of Coke, Pop Tarts, water and my personal favourite - Fried Apple Pie (looks like a fried, icing covered pizza pop, AND packs a nice 450 cal). Back on the road for the remaining 3:30 home. Plenty more climbing to add to our original, but also some wicked (and frigid) descents. I pretty much tail gunned it back into home, and played mental games with myself on some of the longer climbs (basically called myself a wuss if I were to consider letting go of the wheel in front of me). Either way, the first real serious day in the mountains is done, and hopefully many more to come... along with ideally some better climbing legs for me. Belgium, this is not. A nice long shower, an omlette and tea and now some relaxing waiting for an opening in the kitchen to swoop in for some stir fry action. Hope you all enjoyed your day too. Life is good. Ah, yesterday was an uneventful first day in some real climbs with a solid 30-40 minute ascent u towards Cashiers with Mundy and Keir. Good day, road decently. A nice 4 hours to warm me up for todays epic cruise. Time for more food I think, today will be a well deserved off day. Spending the day with a few of the boys in Ashville taking a wicked looking barrista course. Counter Culture Coffee. Check it.

Interesting stats for the inner bike dork in you:
Total kms: 201.2
avg speed: 28.5
max speed: 90.1km/h
Energy cosumed: 3740Kj

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Anonymous said...

In respect to that pic above...
What is it yah don't want to see?
The grade or that fella taking a piss!
I enlarged the pic and that guy at the front is hanging a weenie taking a leak I suspect...