Thursday, February 7, 2008

Packed (not quite)

Thursday evening. The packing has commenced. And to be fair, I'm already bored of doing so. Hence this random post. I have also cruised through pictures of last years Southern expedition and cruised facebook. I have gotten a good start. Basically I pushed a majority of my cycling wear off its respective shelves into an awaiting duffel bag, found PAIRS of socks and what kits I need. All of this has been shoved into my uber sized bag with my cycling shoes. Next up my gizmos and gadjets and whatnots. Oh, and civilian clothing. Got my list(s) together for what needs to be done tomorrow slash picked up from various locations. I'm pretty sure this is the most prepared I've been for anything in my life. Next on the list, cook dinner with any perishable items in my fridge. Not quite sure what this will come out as, I think I'll pull everything out and then piece it into a meal kinda like a puzzle. Then last is to pack what school books I will need while missing 2 weeks of class. Plus tomorrow night, pesto stuffed chicken wrapped in prosciutto. Oh man. Only current problem is I have that rest week 'grease craving' I get sometimes. I will be strong. My own fault for eating my home lunch in the caf while my classmates (and the many fatties, aka extra motivation) chowed down on burgers and poutines. That swag ain't top-sporter. Thats about all I got. Nothing exciting chez Sandy. But I promise to - as usual - document my voyage well with my trusty picture machine. I will be at the shop tomorrow if anyone wishes to hand off any lavish parting gifts.


Anonymous said...

Have a good safe trip.

Get med ins & travel route pik @ caa
and passport don't act suspicious at the border lol hide ur imports well on the way back :P

Anonymous said...

bag balm dude!

3.99 on sale in almonte!