Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The day after the day

The birthday has come and gone. This makes 2 years in a row to be celebrated in the Carolina's I believe. Little extra cool this time as it was also my boy Eric Robertson's, same day, same year. We are now pretty much brothers. If only he weren't a Leaf's fan, I may be able to acknowledge his his presence in public. In other news, quite the fart-off on the ride. Five and half hours, including the world's slowest ascent of Caesar's Head. Nice endurance ride, with bloody Hunt letting them rip whenever he would hit the front. Windy and pretty cool (probably as I am now a little spoiled weather wise) but the wind was quite forceful. So much so, that while descending Caesar's Head, a large gust felled a tree (ok a branch the size of a tree, but I like the word 'felled') right accross the road about 10m in front of us. Luckily traffic on Caesar's Head is quite light on a weekday afternoon, so other than a surprise, we were all fine. Pretty cool though. Massive headwind for the ride home, but a quick stop for a honey bun and some more water made the rest of the ride fly by. Got home, quick bite, shower then off to the grocery store for some dinner supplies. Birthday dinner: chicken nachos. What can I say, the need hit me about an hour into the ride. Just ask Keir, they were fully some of the best nachos ever. Except maybe for my copious amounts of fresh jalapanos. Forgot how spicy those suckers are. Both of us had some serious overheating action happening after some large mouthfuls of those puppies. A few Sierra Nevada brews and we'll call it a meal. Quite the celebration in the kitchen actually. Even got a few pictures of our massive groups. Some of the other boys made some delicious fresh bbq'd pizzas. Today will be somewhat chiller, probably 4-5 hours nice and easy with Geoff. Thursday will be a tough long day, so some recovery time today will be paramount. Enjoy your day. I know I will.

Thuss tossing the pizza pie. Thumbs up for nachos. The birthday kids.


Zach Winn said...

"Felled" you've spent to much time in the south when you start talking like that.

Anonymous said...

You didn't use the word solid. Solid!