Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let the good times roll

First 'real' ride yesterday went well. Not magic kinda dancing on the pedals kinda feelings, but not pedaling squares with lead legs. Managed a solid 4 hours (115km) with Keir and Geoff. No real route, though the rolling terrain and weather were quite agreeable. Did have to ask for directions home at a gas station at one point, but otherwise no worries. And of course leave it to Keir to try pushing the pace on the last couple climbs on the way home. Luckily I remembered to back it off a bit and me and Geoff chilled it out a bit and let the leash go. On the other hand, I dusted the little bugger in his "town line sprint challenge". Looks like I'll be taking the sprint jersey into today's climbing stage, while 'Il pirate' (Kier) will be pulling on the climbers jersey. Today appears to be a little more climbing, still finalizing the route, but appears to be made up of myself, Keir, and Mundy. Geoff and his Maglia Nera will be doing his own shorter ride to try and find his legs. Got the workings of a sweet long day planned out for Wednesday... all I can say is Caesar's Head. Looking like a solid 5 hours or about. Then rest Thursday with the cool looking Barista course. Nothing like spending a rest day learning about good coffee.

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