Saturday, February 16, 2008

Solid day. plus some solid weather.

Knee warmers and arm warmers today. Even rolled the arm warmers down on a few of the longer climbs. Fully hit up the mid 20s for most of the day. Went out looking to take advantage of the weather with a planned 5 hour day. Lost track somewhat of time with a few extra long climbs, ended up home with a solid 6 hours and 160km in the legs. Legs felt wicked. Kept the pace nice and easy and was definitely feeling a little better on the climbs. Closing in on the end of the first week here, and looks like it'll be a nice big week hours wise with the legs feeling stronger and better as the days go on. Saw plenty of funny stuff on the solo ride today, I think I can sum up South Carolina with one word: guns. Riding along one of the highways, saw a pickup pulled over. Looking closer, noticed two dudes in full camo holding some large guns staring into a field. Odd, yes. I figured my best option was to drop it down a few gears for the remainder of the climb, drop my head and try my best not to look like something that needed to be shot. Of all the days to not wear my 'captain America' Cycling Center kit.... Apparently should be some ferocious rain pelting us tomorrow, so pretty glad to have only a 3-4 hours on schedule. We'll see how that goes.

Up on top of the Continental Divide. About 3 hours and change in.

The sunrise from the house. Looks like the start of a good day.

Watching numbers and my shadow as I climb.

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