Monday, November 16, 2009

been a while

Well, the offseason (aka cross season) has gone well. Especially considering the amount of riding time I've put in (low numbers). I managed to ride some remaining fitness through September before sometime in October realizing I was no longer fit. So I continued in my 1 ride a week and race Sunday plan until this week. Then Keir came to town and we rode 4 straight days. I think that means I've started training again. We'll see how this holds up. In other news, I run my own business. And then take the money I get and buy tools. If this is real life, I can deal. No news on next years plans yet. I need motivation. Hopefully this will be the re-start of the blog too. Sorry about that. I didn't think anyone wanted to read about what I built or what I drank. If you're interested in that, just play wizard sticks. That sums up my fall.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Time to de-rust the bike. I really need a new cross bike. I think I can scrape out one more season from ol' silver. I better. Though I will be avoiding Almonte as the bike is guarantied to die there. Otherwise, work. I get up, ride out to Chelsea, work, then ride home. Pretty good. On days like today where I was out a little too late and it looks like rain, I drive. Heading to Hamilton for Valley Park Cross this weekend for a retro road trip with Shawn and Steve. Well, Steve is not actually road tripping with us, but meeting us there. I'm pretty pumped. Racing is going to hurt though. Better get a move on.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Got back. Got sick. Got better. Rested at the cottage. Started working.
Up at Kevin and Sheri's helping them with a few projects and renos, been pretty good. De-rusted the cross bike to prepare myself for the season. Even been riding the bike up to work from time to time. With powercranks, it turns into a hurtful commute. Not much else to report really, gotta make some money, find a team for next year and start everything over again. Cheers.

Friday, September 4, 2009


After a long trip, with several adventure I made it. Unfortunately, my luggage did not. Well, my bike did. You see, we left Nice late. And therefor I started my cyclocross training by running the length of the Frankfurt airport in sub 15 min to catch my flight to Ottawa. It was tight. Of course, the baggage was unable to match my pace, but the oversize baggage must have come off the plane first. Got home, said some hellos, did a little tour. And then got sick. Woke up at 3am this morning, dozed lightly from then on until sun-rise feeling a little off with a headache and stomach. Emptied out the stomach, slept some more and am starting to come around now. Its good to be home, I missed this place. Almost have a cell phone set up, so will start calling people soon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Final post from France, for this season. The last 2 days have been hectic, with moments of peace filling the gaps. You realize how comfortable you have become in a place when you truly live there, and then try to pack. Two days of packing, cleaning, goodbyes, and last minute errands. Barely even a chance to ride a bike, but a few goodwill deeds to fill in the gaps. Last night happened to also be teamate Ed's last in France, so we all hit the town (a relative term in small town rural France) for a delicious supper out. Good food, good wine, and good company and a little bit of bubbly at home left us all with a good taste in our mouths and fond memories. Today I spent some time building Yannick (our host and manager) a new bike out of his many as most were lying in disrepair. A gesture well worth the effort. Today we'll head back out for food, as our fridge is empty and our hosts here have a hankering for some Chinese food. All that remains is to pack the last bits into the carry on baggage, and a mildly early trip to the Nice airport. How time has flown. I'd like to thank everyone for following along again, and can't wait to see many of you. But a special thanks to those who have helped to support my season (again): Pete of Stevens, Vince of the Cyclery, my folks, and the multitude of others who have helped make this work. Rest assured, I've learned, I've lived and will be back to fight another day. Ciao.

Monday, August 31, 2009

t minus 3

How time flies. As I sit here watching the Veulta, I realize that the summer is indeed ending. I don't have much time left, as I rush to both slow down and enjoy where I am, but as well to take care of all the last minute tasks I have left too long. On the plus side, I am becoming much more rested and am enjoying a week of true French life. We were invited to a party last night, which ran quite long, and where I taught a crowd of French men how to properly Mcguyver a large bbq. "Rule 1: don't question the Canadian. Rule 2: everyone get a beer." Good rules to live by. Otherwise I seem to waste a little extra time every afternoon watching the Vuelta, and watching the stream of good ol' Canadian boys riding the front. Good on them. I better get back to riding lots soon.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I've noticed a few things this week, most notably: when Sandy stops riding for a few days, he gets tired. I was exhausted for a few days. Spent a bit of time up with Chels at a great little medieval town in Italia, then relaxed. I can always tell when I'm in need of rest based on the time my body wakes up. For the last few days, I have been unable to get up before about 9am. This is late. Then we came back and I rode my bike. It felt awful. Unatural even. So I tried again, and it felt much better. A bit of stretching, and here I am. Back waking up naturally around 7am. This is good, as I have just been convinced to race once more. Tomorrow. Apparently it is the hardest FSGT course of the year. And somehow this statement convinced me. I have very little in the way of expectations, but intend to go out and suffer hard. Its my new last race after all, gotta leave on a good note. Working on some projects as well right now to help realize my 2010 season, but I'll pass on news for that as I get it. As for life, it seems to be winding down here. Attended my last Valbonne market yesterday, said some adieus, and am starting to consider how I will manage to fit everything into my suitcases. Only a few days left. Better get back to the beach!
As well, would like to give a "big ups" to the 4 Canuks racing the Vuelta this year, and can say that this will be the first year I will actually make an effort to watch it. No offense to the Vuelta, just normally by this time I'm a little cycled out.

Some Ottawa folk must know, Tuesday September 8th, A crit? Or loop? Cheers.

Team picture. Feeling nostalgic suddenly.

At the cafeteria in the Monaco Oceanographic Museum. Catch of the day.

Chels and I on the beach in Nice.