Monday, August 31, 2009

t minus 3

How time flies. As I sit here watching the Veulta, I realize that the summer is indeed ending. I don't have much time left, as I rush to both slow down and enjoy where I am, but as well to take care of all the last minute tasks I have left too long. On the plus side, I am becoming much more rested and am enjoying a week of true French life. We were invited to a party last night, which ran quite long, and where I taught a crowd of French men how to properly Mcguyver a large bbq. "Rule 1: don't question the Canadian. Rule 2: everyone get a beer." Good rules to live by. Otherwise I seem to waste a little extra time every afternoon watching the Vuelta, and watching the stream of good ol' Canadian boys riding the front. Good on them. I better get back to riding lots soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'd say get your butt down there... seems like a great place to live a life!

if I had to do everything over again and was in your shoes...
I'd taking up cooking - chef
(yah seem to love cooking)

move to france

take up cycling (racing) on a great team ...

live the life as it should be - kick'n it to the fullest extent possible and haven' a good time doing it!

I think chefs make a great life in france? (that or wine making... but I take it one needs old money to do that - land etc...)
Nothing would beat a decent job + fine mountains + good weather + cycling on the side (racing)