Monday, August 10, 2009


Not a great weekend of racing as hoped. After suffering through some serious Saturday traffic we arrived at our evening 60km race. Wait, whats that Mr. organizer, its 105km... 40 something degrees? oh, sounds good. Thank goodness I only brought one gel. Lets just say the heat got to me. The break went super early with 2 of our guys in it, I spent the next while frustrating myself trying to bridge with French dudes who "couldn't work". Finally after 40km of this, my teammates started dropping out so I asked Jannes to do one big effort with me to try and bridge. We got the gap to within 40 seconds (down from 2+ min) in our chase group before he pulled the plug and I was left working alone. Heat set in and I found myself puking. Great. At this point I skipped a few turns in the chase (not that we were really motoring anymore) and blocked out all thoughts except finishing. This group after all would guarrenty me a top 20 FFC result. So I suffered until I heard that noise we all dread with less than 15km to go. Flat. No neutral support. So I walked back to the car. Needless to say, not in a good mood. Got home through more traffic about 11. Woke up at 6 for the next race. A 90-100km Cat 1 race with a 500m climb in the course. Hard. Wait, make that 140km with 18 times up a nearly 2km climb. Oh, much better. Could we through in some leftover dehydration and a terrible mental day (after all this). Great. My legs had nothing, my head was not there and I DNF'd. It was a course for me, and a weekend I should have had the legs. Such is life, and I need a break. 2 days of nothing bike related. I need that will to win for this weekend. First, to the bakery for a croisant and some coffee!

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Anonymous said...

what ever doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!!!

take advantage of the full riding there!
Not many people get that opportunity!


pain is healthy.
not to pain means you ain't pushing your butt enough - get moving!