Thursday, August 13, 2009


Feel the heat. It was 35 by 10am this morning. Ouch. Life has been good since the poor showing this weekend however. I took Monday and Tuesday completely away from the bike to simply reset the head and be in the game for Saturday. Still a few races left here, so want to be in and fighting. Monday was the usual beach day with plenty of relaxing, though with a lunch with Chels at our favourite restaurant in Cannes. Which also happens to be deliciously inexpensive. Tuesday lead to another train ride, but this time into Monaco for a tour of the Oceanographic museum (aka aquarium). Good times. Yesterday was a long hot day in the mountains with a couple of older guys. A couple of digs in the mountains lead to 4:30 with about 3-3:30 of that climbing. Don't ask me how. Today was a pretty easy spin with a bunch of general household errands to run and preparations for this weekend to undertake. Either way, I'm coming around to the idea of racing again.

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