Sunday, August 16, 2009


I realize I have partially stolen this title from Micheal Barry's new entry on Velonews, but the entry has given me motivation, and inspiration. Go read it, it just changed my morning. Yesterday was interesting to say the least. Good in one aspect, but bad in others. I should probably pre-face this post by mentioning our DS has been losing his marbles; and it has been causing large amounts of stress to us (especially "us" the foreigners). The races started well with a 40km-ish flat run in, and then the 16km Colmiane. A tough climb we were told, but my motivation was there after 2 mental rest days. I entered the climb in the first 15 (plus a break ahead, but ot by much) and quickly moved through riders cracking on the first slopes. As we raced through the break, Dubois (the annorexic super climber of the Cote d'Azure) and my teamate Fabio attacked and immediately rode the rest of us off their wheels. As the lead group broke up, I found myself sliding back under the tempo. As I was close to my limits, I held my pace. 16km is a long way to climb, and it gets steeper towards the top. As I continued my pace, I began to reel in more and more riders, gaining confidence as I began to re-open the gap on the second group on the road. As I came into the final kms, I was at my limit. But still closing ground, and with a shout of "vas-y Sandy! t'est dans les 1 premiers" echoed in my ears, I dug in. The elusive top 10 was mine. I was wasted at the top, but content. Second finished from the team, a top 10. Good day. All was good. Then the results came up. In usual FSGT fashion, they were screwed. Many of the guys I had passed on the climb were ahead of me. I was 20th. And upset. No one to complain to, and no way to change them I was told. What was the point? I finally found out manager, who was very happy with my race, and told him. FSGT he said, equally mad. Let's go. Screw the tt. So we packed. He lost his head and started yelling at us about this at that, not winning. A total change. No idea why or what. A long ride home, to say the least. The others are looking at getting out, the stress isn't worth it. Change tickets. But enough on that, decisions are to be made, conversations will be had, and today will be spent on the beach. Its a hard life sometimes, which is not alwasy understood by all. I have a few weeks left, and intend to enjoy them. Not much racing left, so I will be picking and choosing my races and generally taking life at a more relaxed pace. On the plus side, the melon man at the market had a deal of buy 3, get 1 free. And I did. And they are delicious.


Anonymous said...

Top 10 is top 10. The riders know it, you know it, we all know it. You should feel good. Ride for the fun of setting and reaching goals over the next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

haha Yannick started losing his mind right around this time last year too.