Saturday, August 29, 2009


I've noticed a few things this week, most notably: when Sandy stops riding for a few days, he gets tired. I was exhausted for a few days. Spent a bit of time up with Chels at a great little medieval town in Italia, then relaxed. I can always tell when I'm in need of rest based on the time my body wakes up. For the last few days, I have been unable to get up before about 9am. This is late. Then we came back and I rode my bike. It felt awful. Unatural even. So I tried again, and it felt much better. A bit of stretching, and here I am. Back waking up naturally around 7am. This is good, as I have just been convinced to race once more. Tomorrow. Apparently it is the hardest FSGT course of the year. And somehow this statement convinced me. I have very little in the way of expectations, but intend to go out and suffer hard. Its my new last race after all, gotta leave on a good note. Working on some projects as well right now to help realize my 2010 season, but I'll pass on news for that as I get it. As for life, it seems to be winding down here. Attended my last Valbonne market yesterday, said some adieus, and am starting to consider how I will manage to fit everything into my suitcases. Only a few days left. Better get back to the beach!
As well, would like to give a "big ups" to the 4 Canuks racing the Vuelta this year, and can say that this will be the first year I will actually make an effort to watch it. No offense to the Vuelta, just normally by this time I'm a little cycled out.

Some Ottawa folk must know, Tuesday September 8th, A crit? Or loop? Cheers.

Team picture. Feeling nostalgic suddenly.

At the cafeteria in the Monaco Oceanographic Museum. Catch of the day.

Chels and I on the beach in Nice.

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Sept 8 = A crit