Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nearing the end

My last race may have just come and gone. Apparently it was obvious how badly I wanted the win. My focus seems to have been noted by more than one person. I reconed the course several times, and the finale suited me perfectly. Things we not to be. My legs were not the best, but I made no excuses. I think it is simply a mix of fatigue, and the incredible heat we have been having the last while. Either way, for the 15 laps of the race I never once dropped out of the top 15 in the pack, usually being found in the first 5-10. I followed anything dangerous, not wasting energy and marking the 3 riders I knew had the other best chances at the win. With 5 to go the winning move went, and I knew it. Tony attacked, Dave went with and I followed. Dangling about 2m back as they motored to open the gap. We had it. Then my tired started losing air, I checked. No neutral support on the short course. So I had to let go. I made one last big pull for my teamate Flo, whose hometown race it was, to get him into the move, before drifting back on the climb and pulling out with 4 to go. Oddly enough, I wasn't upset. Just at peace. I raced my race, played my cards. Nothing wrong with a race like that. Good ol' Dave took it to the rest of the field, coming in on his own quite a ways ahead at the top of the climb. I may have another race, another chance, this coming weekend. We'll see how the week goes. I am excited to simply rest this week and play tourist a bit. It's been a good ride. At very least I'll give my legs a test in a few weeks at the local stuff in Ottawa. There is something oddly satisfying about riding the race you want, excuting a plan, even if it doesn't pay out in the end. To celebrate the end, us foriegners went out for a few beers last night. Cheers to a good season.

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