Monday, August 3, 2009

mid weekend update

Time. So here it is, pulled in the final local lap on Saturday and finish (I'm told) around 20th on Sunday. Here are the story's before today's crusher.
Saturday was a weird FFC race with a lot of good boys in attendance. I wasn't sure how my legs would go and told to try and conserve energy on the course for the final and for the next 2 days. A 7km course with this weird finishing circuit thing after. The course itself was sweet, narrow windy farm roads with a decently steep 1km GPM climb every lap. Attacks went fast and furious and I tried to stay in good groups and move up. It was traditional French in the sense that everyone wanted to attack, but no one would work after that which creates a mess on the road and some stress. That to add to the fact that I seemed unable to get into the correct moves all day, and spent too much energy crossing gaps on my own. Coming into the final lap (before the finishing laps) I made a big effort to move up to the second group on the road as we headed up a different climb through town for a finishing circuit. The climb proved longer than thought. 2km to the GPM, then a further 2km + to the top. Blew a lot of people including my group. Did the climb, a little loop, then descended the exact same climb. Hence the pulling of non lead groups apparently. Pretty upset at the time to not finish the thing, but worked hard. Just need to find the right moves.
Hilly race yesterday, so say the least. 4 laps of the course with a 7km climb to the finish and a random 2km kicker in the middle. Of course, as per French tradition they started us on the descent portion of the course with a glorious "neutral descent". This is French for, we take your life in our hands. Through experience, I have learned to be either directly on the front or on the back for these. So I went to the front. And nearly died with the oncoming traffic, before being swamped by 100 guys trying to take risks to be at the front for the climb. Descent ends (me on the back, furious) and climb starts. I flew up the first few kms int he big ring to pass all the allready popped riders and get up into the main group. Only to discover that there was a lead group allready ahead. So I went. Made it to within 10m of the group but could not close the final gap over the steep bits. Got caught by a bunch of guys who felt better attacking me than working together and came over the top in a small chase group. By this point I was really mad so dropped everyone on the descent and caught the main chase group on the little climb. Held tough and made it to the next descent with them. Rode my own pace up the big climb when the group split under constant attacking and again chased back on the descent. Had to give up on the lead chasers the next lap, and rode my own pace the next 2 times up the climb to minimize loses and finish. No results posted yet, but I hear I'm around 20th with less than 40 finishers.
Luckily that brings us to today. Hardest race I hear, so I gotta bring the a game. That means crepe time.


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