Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Changing things up a bit, to get some final enjoyment out of my trip. Its kind of nice to have no stress of bike racing/training/results and simply appreciate where you are. Slow things down and take a look around. I'm back on the food enjoyment train, picking out fun and fresh bits to try. I've recently rediscovered my old love of artichokes, apparently they are a Mediterranean specialty. This morning we've managed to find a deal at a little place in Dolceaqua, so are boarding a train for an overnight trip into Italia. A little exploring never did anyone any harm. Plus, I need no excuse to sample some more fine Italian coffees. I have recently had this bad feeling that I may freeze upon return to Ottawa. So if my mother is reading this, maybe start digging out the winter gear?


Anonymous said...

Go find some castles....museums....topless beaches.

sandyf said...

every beach is topless.