Friday, September 11, 2009


Got back. Got sick. Got better. Rested at the cottage. Started working.
Up at Kevin and Sheri's helping them with a few projects and renos, been pretty good. De-rusted the cross bike to prepare myself for the season. Even been riding the bike up to work from time to time. With powercranks, it turns into a hurtful commute. Not much else to report really, gotta make some money, find a team for next year and start everything over again. Cheers.

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Anonymous said...

bike your butt off!
You have your youth still...
And, you have connections.
Connections is what counts...
(read the book Freakonomics, for example...)

If I had to do it over again and were in your shoes... I'd become a chef... cook meals during the evenings at some fine cuisine in France, Europe, Africa etc... then bike during the day...

Enjoy your youth. Don't waste it getting caught up in all the hop-la of buying a house, settling down, etc.... Enjoy it!
Take risks.
fear not.
There will be time for resting later on in life.
Make the best of it, now.