Friday, February 29, 2008

Last day

Three weeks have now come and gone. Much too quickly. Went out for a final spin, a little under 3 hours with Geoff, around nowhere in particular. One of those incredibly lazy/lethargic days. A day more suited to sitting around in your sweats with some tea than riding a bike. Overcast, in between cool and almost warm, and kinda threating to rain. We also opted for a little bit of a late start helping our legs feel extra tired and stiff. Nothing cool about the ride, other than an inopportune front flat about 20 minutes into the ride requiring me to stuff a dolla bill into my tyre to block the decent sized gash. Home for some food, and now tea and lazing around in my sweats. Feel generally like falling asleep for a quick nap before dinner. Maybe start packing. And get the bbq going. Gotta finish off some steak. No use letting it go to waste.

Shoving a dolla bill in the tyre due to the large gash.


Geoff superman-ing it home.

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