Saturday, March 1, 2008

The time is nigh

Today is important (at least in my books) on 2 fronts: the start of the spring Classics season in Europe, and I return to the great white north. Or, judging from the weather reports I am reading for the next few days, the shoddy iced up north. Freezing rain? Bring it on. At least some rain means its not -30 anymore and could help with the road salt situation. On the more exciting front, Het-Volk and Kurnne-Brussels-Kurnne start this weekend off with a bang on the glorious cobbles of Belgium. Screw Cali (though that was for sure some hard man weather they got smoked with), this is where the real hard men shine. I've gone out on a limb and called Gilbert for a win this weekend. Even with the new flat sprinters finish in Volk, I'm sticking to my guns. In more relavant news Sandy-wise, I begin my drive home today. And yes, as per my usual style, I intend to leave at 9am-ish (its currently 8:29) and I have "packed" (aka arranged my crap into several piles located in the vicinity of several duffel bags) and am still on the internet with some coffee. I have even got some bread out to make drive sammies. I'd say I'm still ahead of the game. I will be breaking the drive up into 2 days this time, with my driving solo and my freaked out mother and all. Apparently I WILL be staying at a 5 star resort somewhere around the Pennsylvania area, and sipping on some Dom Perrignon.. all on the tab of Mom & Dad. Or at very least attempting to find a motel that appears to have not had any recent deaths or drug deals go down in the last 2-3 weeks. Most exciting part of the trip, planned lunch stop at a Waffle House. I'm not sure why this place excites me or intrigues me, but I have wanted to sample their breakfast menu for some time now. A full report to come later. For now t minus 26 minutes to "departure". I better get crackin.

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