Thursday, March 20, 2008


Quick little update from Ottawa. Made it home, no issues. Mostly due to the lack of a snowstorm this weekend, feels little odd to be able to make it through the alps (aka the snow banks along my lane way) without getting stuck. Found this hilarious and very un-politically correct diary on velonews about the basic differences in racing styles around the world. I would like to add one thing, when the racing get hot in Belgium (I swear this happens on occasion) the Belgies as well pile on the cologne to beat the heat. Side note, it works. My body is still adjusting to the fact that today is not Friday and I don't have to work tomorrow. The possibilities are nearly endless. As long as they include a decent ride. And some quality food. Happy birthday mom, hope you enjoy the soon to be dinner. Enjoy your long weekend, don't eat too much chocolate. I for one will be seeing how little of the processed stuff I can eat, I'm thinking of creating some kind of easter chocolate-fruit thingy to eat instead with the family easter dinner. Ciao.

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