Friday, March 14, 2008

home for a rest

Actually, probably not much rest. Riding is back on track and is going well. Super secret training has commenced. Now if only I had slept better and my roommate had not decided to pass out while cooking some unidentified meat.... Side note, meat burns when you leave the frying pan on high while asleep, this causes the fire alarm to go off which in turn enrages Sandy when the perpetrator (apparently too drunk to notice) continues to sleep. My house now smells like smoke and my mentally handicapped roommate is still sticking to his story that "it wasn't him". Ya, and the meat fairy snuck in while you were asleep, turned the burner on high, put you meat on it and then stealthily left the scene. I would let loose with some choice words, but I already did that, and this environment is supposed to be PG. None the less, excellent training day yesterday, cruised out a solid 4.5 hours, including some super secret training. Time to head back into Ottawa soon, run a few errands and then hit the rollers for a few. I gotta get out of this house, the smell of smoke is really getting to me. Roller races again this Saturday at the Elmdale, I suggest you all come out. I know I'm signed up for the 500 and 1000 again. Should be some good times. I also have the itch to strap on the 80s one piece and hit the slopes again. We'll see where that urge gets me. I'll try for a roller report over the weekend, otherwise Monday will be a nice big ol' writeup. Heres hoping for some decent riding weather over the weekend. Anymore snow might push me over the edge.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Enough with the damn snow.
I wanta get out for some good ice based riding in the gats.
With the thaw comes the base of ice under all that snow.
Ice + me + 240 studed tires = fun. Lots of fun!
Last year around xmas- the gats was all ice. There I was bombing around on the ice with the studs on. I was the glamour queen! Everyone out for a stroll was taking pictures. Couldn't believe it.
My secret weapon - studs...
on ice.
can't wait. Tres fun!

Akinogal said...
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Mr. RWP said...

wow sandy you are famous, even the spamers are commenting on your blog!

Smartphone said...
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