Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wicked and wild.

Wind anyone? Did my morning spin on the trainer due to some fairly below zero morning temperatures. But spent a good portion of the ride time (2 hours) staring out at the sunshine planning how incredibly, wickedly awesome my afternoon "real" workout would be. Went to class, hit some nails, cut some lumber, and arrived home to find the dark clouds, hurricane force winds and threats of snow/slash rain. No matter, I am pumped to ride right now (after the last week or 2 of questionable training) so loaded up on wind proof layers and hit the road. Luckily (?) I was heading out into a pretty much straight on headwind, which when gusts hit allowed me to hold the nice easy 400+ watt pace I was looking to hold. Needless to say, after being blown off the road 3-4 times, I opted to do my workout on a 20 minute long (yet slightly sheltered) stretch of road. I basically went back and forth on it for about 2 hours. Exciting eh? On the plus side, did not need to kiss the ditch. I have also decided I will need to add some weight to my 142 lbs frame if I intend to do anymore of these ridiculous rides. Wrote myself out a general plan-line for my training last night, as I figure this should help me keep to a better riding schedule. Also got the word from above that I am cleared and set for Tour of Battenkill. 80 some miles of the worst roads in NY state. Big crowds from what I hear, and some pretty gnarly back country roads. Needless to say, this (along with last nights planning) has kicked 'top-sporter' Sandy into gear. 3 more weeks of school and I can get myself fully focused again. Time to enter the hurt box.


Anonymous said...

ah fuckoly. It wasn't so bad.
I biked home in the crap. Then my ride died last night (rear der'l snapped).
Find shelter in them hills!

Where the heck are you biking anyhow?
(list your routes!)

sandyf said...

around perth during the week. hwy 6, 14, 36, and various farm roads.