Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back in action

Slight delay, with the 60cm of snow that pummeled us. So, we'll call it a cross training weekend to get back into the flow of serious training. I did of course sneak in a ride out in the powder directly on Sunday after all the snow fall of Sunday. I had some errands to run and some 23mm slicks crying out to play in the snow. Good times. Preceded by several hours of tunneling our family cars out and capped off with an afternoon of telemark skiing at Edelwise. Good times. Actually felt kinda good to get in the first days on the hill of the year. Even snuck off after the lifts closed for a little "back country" hike-a-ski action to finish the day off on the right note and get a decent sweat rolling. Missed on Monday's classes with the cars being blocked in and all, but hey; I'm not complaining. Got one more ski in. Could be a bit of a busier week now, but I think not many from my class would have made it in for yesterday. We'll see what this week brings, all I know is it should be some quality on the bike time. Oh, that stupid time change is definitely giving me some hassles. Damn those clocks.

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Anonymous said...

Loven' the time change.
I leave for work in the sun and get home in the sun!
Winter is such a damn hastle on a bike. I'm on bike number 2 this season as my first ride is a complete bastard of a mess.
If you are up at Edelwiess, you are pretty damn close to where I bike on the weekends.
On your way back check out woodsmoke!
On the 366 turn off on Montange road (its just after the golf course going towards Wakefield). Then hit the first right.
Wicked hill cimb! And, wicked down hill!
Good rally cycling fun to be had.

This weekend will be a semi-longer loop. Hope'n the weather will hold and the roads remain rock hard.