Monday, March 31, 2008


A little shift in the ol' plan today. Normally, Monday provides me with a good day for a nice longish spin. Class is done at 1, so I have the afternoon to ride. Today, between the "weather" (bad for riding in, good for the roads in the coming days) and with all the stuff on my plate, I made the executive decision to swap my rest day to today. Sorry Wednesday.. it's not you, it's me. Class, then time in the library attempting to at least start some damn term paper, bring the car to the shop for some summer tyres, groceries and bam, suddenly its nearing 4pm. Figured I don't have a lot of school work coming, with the exception of 2 projects; the aformentioned nearly started term paper, and some drafting thing. Today is to be my day to try to get a bunch done so I can ride all the rest of the week. It is now just after 6, I have somehow actually gotten some stuff done, and am bored out of my skull. My mind keeps wandering to the light rain outside and the possibility of a ride. My legs feel sluggish and lethargic, but urge me as well. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is rest. I will solve this problem with a big production of a dinner. I have some excellent salmon and mucho veggies. Little bottle of vino to get me rolling through the eve as well. School is starting to finish up. Not gonna lie, this is exciting. A few more good training weeks before the race season kicks its self unto gear.

Lesson of the day: town sign sprint means you sprint for a town sign. Apparently unless your last name is Orange. We'll work on that. Who's gonna make the leader's jersey's though?

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