Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Seriously now? Another winter storm warning? What gives. According to the CBC, we have already have over 3m of snow this year (10 ft) and this dump could put us clear into the 2 place of top yearly snowfall for the region. Sure glad I wasn't around and trying to ride during number 1.... Got another "pleasant" (aka not snowing out or frigid) ride in today. Two good hours before class. Good way to start the day for sure and get this recovery week rolling. My legs were definitely crying out for some sun and hills though. According to the damn weatherman, it would appear I will indeed be riding inside tomorrow. Not super happy or excited about that prospect. I feel I will have to calm my rage with some good food tonight. Scored some good cheese on the grocery run yesterday (fresh parmesan reggiano and some brie on sale) so am currently picturing some pad thai with a nice side spinach salad with some grilled veggies... Hopefully get back to work on my homework stuff soonish. Though I have gotten a decent amount completed, so I think I deserve a break.

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