Sunday, March 30, 2008

weekend news.

Friday: ride... 5 hours.... eat.... bed. I'm really just this cool.
Saturday: early morning tt ride on the rollers... work.... out for dinner... bed.
Sunday: Ride. Time yet to be determined, but should be another 5 ish hour day in the saddle. Sun is out, moral is good and races are approaching.

Aside: Mosport is postponed a week due to snow. Pansies. Thats all I gotta say. As some one who has gone out for an inordinate amount of rides in snowstorms this year, I was very excited with my chances of crushing some souls riding through some deep snow. My dreams have now been dashed, alas, by some sissy Torontonians. Maybe you should call in the army to move the snow for you eh girls? Sorry to but women on the same level as general Torontonians, you don't deserve that. It is now looking more and more likely that my first race of the year will be Tour of Battenkill. Time to get to work. I am also very glad bike season is pretty much coming into full swing because my hockey team (the Ottawa Senators) could not beat a group of 6 year old ringette players at the moment. It is embarrassing.

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Anonymous said...

:) wimps!

Everyone rides trainers in the winter.
Not many of us ride outside.