Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring? Is that you?

I don' want to get ahead of myself here (so everyone knock on some wood), but the weather yesterday seemed very spring-eske. Instead of my 3 hours of super secret training, I did the 3 hours of super secret training and then tacked on another hour of spinning to make the most of the day. Above zero, plenty of sun.... How could I not in the right mind? Now, as for super secret training, I will not discuss exactly what I am doing - perhaps suffice to say, moving from super slow easy miles to attempting to be not so slow, but in a orderly fashion. The main reason for not bringing up the details is twofold:
a) I can refer to my super secret training as super secret training. This also has the benefits of intriguing people (you lot) and making it seem like my training regime is very complicated and cool. b) In an attempt to inspire fear and become fast, I am actually no longer just putting in the base miles.
Oh, and I really don't care. This is my blog and I'll write what I please. On another note, I ate copious pannakoken this morning. Mostly with fruit, but also one with nutella. Hence the good mood I figure. I am also attempting to return to my stretching regiment I left behind with the sun in South Carolina, my have really not felt as good since I started coming up with excuses for why I would "skip today's stretching". With stories abound of people starting their racing season, I am really beginning to crave that start of the season. More importantly the end of school.
Perhaps the best way to end this post is quite simply with some pics. Some pics of me hacking up roller racing.

Welcome to fight club. First rule of fight club, smile like an idiot and wear brightly coloured lycra... at all times. Rule 2: always try to trackstand on rollers. You look cool, unless you fall. (note: I did not)

Yup, still smiling like a fool. At least I'm having fun.

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Anonymous said...

Tomorrow looks like +5oC with rain!
Bring it on!
No more damn snow!

I tentatively have plans for 105km road rides this weekend as the back country roads are mushy.