Monday, March 3, 2008

Back in Action

Back to Perth, back to school and back to the 'old' routine. The rest of the drive home went by quite uneventfully, other than the ridiculous amounts of State Troopers on the roads and nearly being hit by a couple as they burned rubber getting onto the road to pull over another poor sap. On, and the high speed road rage incident. Don't worry, I merely watched from a distance as a dude in a Jeep (with a gun rack and some seriously racist bumper stickers) attempted to run 2 skinny white wannabe gangsters in their "pimped" Jetta off the road. To be fair, they were attempting to turn the I81 into a F1 for retards circuit and cut off the angry, gun toting clan member. I as well came to the conclusion that I now supported the right to bear arms after they cut me off going 160 and then promptly slowing down to 80 (I can only assume they got their west side and east side gang signs confused so needed to regroup). The dude in the Jeep on the other hand decided he would much rather vehicular manslaughter, so attempted the same maneuver back to them only with attempting to actually cause damage (I'm pretty sure the two losers in the car were just normally handicapped citizens who happened to forget they were driving from time to time). After they got back on the road (he pushed them into the shoulder, they proceeded to floor it and zag erratically across the road like a injured fawn attempting to lose the hunter with a rocket launcher. Luckily for them, after a brief high speed chase (also involving the angry man waving his hand angrily out his windows) the crazy dude was promptly pulled over by a State Trooper.
In other news, I had a surprise mid term exam today. By surprise I mean, I walked in the class and was asked if I wanted to write it today. The extra funny part (other than me saying yes) was that directly after this question, he proceeded to hand back the rest of the classes exams and then TAKE UP THE WHOLE EXAM with us. If this is not funny to you, keep in mind that I was only to write the exam AFTER class. Needless to say, I ripped through that exam, even answering all the questions. Sunny and warm this afternoon, so I of course jumped on the fixie and headed out for a solid 2.5 hour spin. A little windy, but seriously nice out. Nature has been warned, it has one week (my rest week) to shape up and stop snowing. Today is a good start. Otherwise I will find the angry dude in the jeep and set him on nature.

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