Sunday, March 23, 2008


What a terrible weekend. Cold, windy and generally un-riding friendly weather. Weekend was mostly good, some decent roller riding (side note, I have not learned to ride my tt bike on the rollers. I'm impressed with myself.) and generally seeing some friends back in town. Went out last night to see the Sens game at a local watering hole, and woke up this morning feeling like death. Not like I even drank that much. I have this feeling the food wasn't quite kosher.... unfortunately this lead to me puking all morning. Pretty much every 30 minutes on the money, I would have to roll out of bed and make a dash for the ceramic. I then promptly fell asleep and woke up at 6pm. What a waste of a day. I now find myself back in bed watching the final of Milan-San Remo in Italian. What a beaut of a race. I again went with my gut and Gilbert, but my boy could not close in the flying Swiss giant pulling out a respectable 3rd anyways. Hopefully the body will be back on track again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Get out and ride!
I got in close to 400km this weekend!
From Prince of whales through to Preston to Tache to the parkway to city de ... whatever... to Mine road - soggy and wet.
Through Chelsea (lots of damn salt) to 105 to riviere (wet) to 366 (nice!) to 307 (sketchy thin in spots due to snow banks).
Ride - wash - clean x 4
salty bum I had.
But, huge gas savings and no need to drive to wakefield.
Loven' it.
(not really this crap weather, the fact I can bike now... come on spring - damnit... I have a feeling summer is going to be sht)