Saturday, March 1, 2008

Maryland update

Did end up getting off about 9ish as stated. Before 9:30 even. Hit the road for a while, cursing the fact that today was obviously going to be a pretty smoking great day to be riding. Wasted now on driving. Stopped in for the planned Waffle House stop along the way. Which was pretty much a made up as I drove route. Basically continued north, along any highways that sounded familiar. I remembered going through Greenville. So far so good. Waffle house was pretty much as expected: truck stop style, greasy heart stopping food. I of course ordered the All-Star, aka the cardiac incident, for good measure. I entertained myself by "accidentally" overhearing the celebratory meal next to me. From what I can gather, the large trucker man had just asked his woman (leather face) to marry him. He was now (11am ish) taking her out for a celebratory meal at the waffle house. He even ordered her a Cherry Coke... Just in case this wasn't enough romance for one morning, he popped a quarter in the juke box (yes, I had to take an extra big bite of waffle to avoid laughing) and put on her favorite Aerosmith song. I had to get out. Pretty much then drove straight here to Maryland where I am now residing in a Quality Inn. Went out exploring for dinner (somewhat tough walking with the distinct lack of sidewalks). First found a Sushi place, but decided against it on two fronts: the Liquor Depot next door and the fact that it also had "buffet" in the name. Wasn't feeling another 800km in the car with some explosive diarrhea from food poisoning. So instead settled on a slightly less sketchy Mexican place. Which was actually quite good, and not nearly as salty as I was worried it may be. Lots of good authentic food and a Carona for $15. Well done. Plus, I also got to sit next to the world's fattest family. More free entertainment. Mom was for sure the biggest, and spent a good portion of time after inhaling her meal attempting to steal food from her 6 year old son. Who I'm pretty sure definitely also out weighed me. I think mom's rear even tried to eat her chair she was so hungry. I would finally like to remind all my readers that I indeed picked Gilbert. And Keir, I will be waiting for your return and my free coffee.

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