Friday, March 28, 2008


Super ride yesterday. According to the ol' SRM, we hit a high of 8 degrees in the sun, but settled around 6 for most of the day. I got a nice solid 4 hours in. Plus a real quickie of a nap. The watched Breaking Away in the evening. I'll chalk that into the "winning day" column. Legs felt surprisingly good after the previous day's leg breakers. Took a bit of spinning for them to come around, but they started feeling stronger and stronger as the miles piled up. Thinking about just riding into Ottawa today. The weather is nice again, and looks to be holding that way for the duration of the weekend (aka I also would have to ride back here on Sunday). I think this seems like a pretty good idea. Unlike last time in January when I got rained on, hailed on and had to pilot the ol' fixie through wayyyy too much slush. I don't regret it though. My bread came out awesome. Ended up being cinnamon, vanilla raisin bread. And it is scrumptious. Makes an excellent ride sammy. I gotta get to class, enjoy your weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Breaking Away - great movie.
I'm watching "into the wild" this weekend.

Riding - my gettowork ride busted apart this week. Got'r fixed. Back to riding hard and heavy again.

I don't do trainers. Trainers remind me of a hamster I once had.
For me, fun first then racing.
Fun = passion
racing = pain
a combo of both is okay.
Too much of one and it may all go away.
Balanced approach.

Ride outside. (I know people that just ride trainers... that has to suck big time)