Thursday, March 6, 2008


ASO vs. UCI. Seriously? Again not much can be written as I think most aspects have been covered by the inter-web in general. All I know is this shit has gone too far (as usual) and those who will suffer: the riders. Whose fault? Not theirs. As I wrote before, they and the teams need to form a union/coalition of kinds and make a stand. All together now. They are the glue. But enough on that, I myself will be racing again in a month. It makes me a mix of nervous and giddy. Nervous, mostly as I am so giddy to get going (and be done with snow) that I am shaking with the excitement of a new season. On the other hand, this excitement died a little yesterday as I cracked and... rode the trainer. I'm sure you heard the cursing in Ottawa. The roads were just not safe, or fun. Shoulders full of snow banks... slushy roads... no good around here. My will to be smoked by a pick up truck was just not high enough. So I gritted my teeth and sweated away 2 hours on the turbo. Next week should at least lead to the starting of some intensity work, which could help with the hours spent riding my bike indoors. If I'm suddenly not around next week, I'm probably fine. Just back in South Carolina, where you only occasionally find patches of snow in higher elevations and that snow causes people to not leave their homes in fear. Posting may be somewhat nonexistent this weekend, but I will report more next week. Hopefully ready to rock out and start kicking it up a notch for the coming season. I may even try for a 7th ski of the season. Record snowfalls, and I have been riding outside at probably 5-10 times as much this winter as skiing.


Anonymous said...

skiing is boring. Go riding.
Day off today. This snow crap seems as though its going to hit hard.
Going out tomorrow though. Hoping to get in 4 hours of some good home grown riding!
Rode to/from work with some hill intervals (up Blair in the east end) 3 times this week. Yesterday, Thursday and Tuesday. No riding for me after that big dump of white crap.
The more white crap we get now the less chance we have of riding soon.
This white crap sucks. Hate every minute of it.

JoJosho said...

See Here or Here

Anonymous said...

Fun fun riding to be had in wakefield!
Headed out Sunday.
Fast !
Friggen rally road racing fast.
A touch of ice.
Then add some snow
Then add some hard packed fast action shit faced grin packed road.

Friggen good time was had!
(now, if only I can find the time to fix my ride - my pawls are almost dead and so are my rings... skip skip bash to the nuts!)

Get out and ride!