Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bad snow. bad, bad snow.

Seriously? On the plus side it was a very peaceful morning. Made more peaceful by the fact that I ended up not having class. Aka, go back home for some fruit and another cup of coffee. But don't worry mom, I did spend a good portion of my afternoon actually doing school work. And yes, this surprised me too. But enough about that, school work is no fun to write about, no fun to even do. On the other hand, my ride today was pretty bloody sweet. In following my plan of getting even with nature and not riding the trainer this week, I maned up, grew a pair and did my ride outside. A nice 1.5 hours on the fixie in 10-15cm of fresh powder. I had a few errands to run anyways, so simply rode all around town, powersliding through corners, passing stuck cars... Wicked. Probably the most fun I've had on a bike in a long time. Pretty hard to keep it easy intensity wise, but hey. Its a snow day. Nothing like letting a little air out of your 22mm slick tyres and hitting some fresh powder. So the moral of today is: do something outside. I have even acquired a exercise ball to get to work on the core and hopefully completely incapacitate me after attempting to use some of these neglected muscle groups. That and I figure I'll need a beach body soon to actuate the emaciated tan line look. Real weights are wayyy to much for me, I get enough of a gun work out swinging my framing hammer around. Nearly through the first of my books (In Defense of Food by Micheal Pollan) which is ridiculously good, but means that soon enough I'll be able to head down to the Perth used book store and make use of this gift certificate I won a while back. I really do home there is a good movie on tonight. Tonight will for sure be an evening for relaxing with some good food and doing nothing productive. Plus, I probably wont be able to move after simply inflating the stupid exercise ball. I'll have to do that near the couch so I can simply collapse onto the couch.

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Anonymous said...

The roads are shit out there. I rode into work today (22km) down Heron to the back streets through to Kilborn to Innes (I detest Innes in the snow! sucks!) then through blackburn to St.Joseph's.
Friggen road crud really f-d up my rear cog. I gotta go fixie. Just don't have the time to do it.

Weekend calls for more snow.
Heading out to wakefield if anyone wants to go (email: . My CX ride is rough, so it'll be a slow going kinda ride for about 70km or so...
No big climbs as my rings are almost toast (I don't want to change them just yet till they are completely toast).

Come on spring!