Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I have an itch. And that itch is to ride long. Ride long and hard. Unfortunately (for reasons other than the snow conditions) I am currently again cooped up in the house working. Yesterday ended up being spent working on some school stuff and in class. Today appears to be an even longer school day as I must make my way to school for 10 instead of 12 to write a test before class. And a math test at that. Then I will be in class until near 6. This is probably the longest I will have been in a class setting in many years. I think I'm packing for it somewhat like a camping trip or maybe a bike race. I'm bringing several layers, as I feel the temperatures may fluctuate (one class room is frigid), I am bringing a decent meal (leftover pasta) as well as a small army of fruit to snack on, and will of course also have a bag of books and random crap (ipod) to entertain me. I may even have to enter the "library" to finish off some work between classes. I may have to squeeze out a ride after class just to bring myself back to normal Sandy. At very least, I will be riding again tomorrow morning. I don't care how much I have to slack, I will be on the trainer or outside. I have to. My body is not happy with this lack of riding. Back to math. Damn. I hate even saying that.

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Anonymous said...

here's a route -

do it.
enjoy it.

Shit faced grin at the end of it.
Some of the hills are fast! Slow steady up fast fast grinning down flow!