Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rain. Good?

Rain is here. This is good and bad on several fronts, we'll focus on the good first as I am in my usual good mood. First, rain means one thing: the arrival of spring. And with spring comes that distinctive lack of snow I am craving so very much. With rain comes warmer temperatures, and most importantly - it washes away all the thousands of kilos of road salt. And by association allows me to spend more time on good bikes without spending in turn thousands of unavailable dollars on repairs to my beautiful machine. For the negative, I am somewhat more limited to the trainer currently. The fixie has another flat (damn spring road debris) and the only other bike available to me here is my Stevens. Which I love too much to ride outside in the salt water. I have ridden it a bunch outside when the roads are dry. As much as it is really not that bad (you whiners) to ride in the rain, this can lead to several bad things this time of the year: salt & slush roads, sickness from several hours in the cold rain, and more copious and expensive bike repairs from the aforementioned salt. Needless to say, I am sweating it up like a pig indoors again. Not completely a bad thing as I have started some intensity work and don't have to watch for rogue drunk pickup truck drivers while indoors. I don't think. It also leaves me free to stare at the SRM numbers while sweating all over myself without worrying about what lane I have entered and why traffic is suddenly coming towards me. I don't even like staring at the numbers, it just seems to create a value to associate with the pain. And this time of year in those first intense workouts, the pain seems much higher than it will in the coming weeks. I have also just checked the weather out (and yes, I only trust it as far as I can throw it - not very far) and it appears to be sunny and zero-ish all weekend. I will therefor be riding outside all weekend. If you would like to come along for some quality miles, let me know. I will depart at various times (not Saturday due to work engagements) for various (but probably somewhat long-ish) rides. Departure time will vary with coffee finishing time. I'm feeling a bakery ride at least one day, some probably through Richmond at some point.
In other news, I have a new teammate. None other than Dominique Perras. See the announcement here. This season is looking good.

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