Wednesday, March 26, 2008

that good ol' blood in the mouth feel

Ok, so as previously reported, I am making an attempt towards getting faster. On a bike. Now from what I understand from previous attempts, this involves some amount of pain and suffering. So keeping with that in mind I set myself up on the trainer this morning for some suffering. Keep in mind, I actually kinda prefer to do long rides versus intervals on the trainer. At least outside you can look down the road and pretend you are chasing something and GO SOMEWHERE. Inside, I find myself staring (in this case at a tough as nails Phillipe Gilbert) at a bike race on my computer screen. By the way, 2008 Het Volk - wicked. Due to a few conflicting issues, I found myself testing my resolve and hoping on the trainer. I would also like to add that I'm pretty sure I look like a sweaty, mentally challenged kid in spandex while doing intervals inside. Luckily I have the house to myself. Had my workout layed out so "no excuses", I told myself at this somewhat unpleasant hour of the morning, "its time for a DJS/N workout. I named my interval workouts this in honour of a certain pair of wacked out cyclists I know. After a recent convo with one regarding intervals and hurt, he proceeded to explain how his goal is pretty much to bleed out his ears and want to puke. I figure, as he seems quick enough, that this sounds like a sound idea. Keep in mind the mentally challenged bit and ability to turn off my brain. So I set out with this workout and quickly reached aformentioned tasting of blood/bile/unpleasant feelings. I was dripping. After the first set, I decided that a "electrolyte replacement" beverage was just what would keep me going. There also happened to be an old tub of GU2O just out of reach. Perfect for my lactate hazed eyes to focus on. Though after, getting up to fast to refill my bottle did result in an increase of dizziness and nauseousness It was quite spectacular and very worth it. I cracked myself a little earlier then hoped, though not much (see gummy legs) and spun for a while before getting mad at myself for stopping 2 intervals before prescribed so decided to do 2 beyond full out efforts as a punishment. This is where my brain gets me in trouble. On the plus side, the numbers I was staring at cross eyed are much bigger numbers than I remembered staring at last season. On the other hand though, I was cross eyed and therefor may have been looking at the completely wrong set of numbers. Oh, and I drank about 24 1/2 liters of water in my class this afternoon to try to replace the fluids I lost to the floor. Now, I nearly went of for a ride as the weather is glorious, but held myself back. Longer ride tomorrow and I need to recover. So I'm going to bake bread. I've been meaning too for the last little bit, and this happens to seem like a better time burner than the internet. If I sit here too long I will for sure end up riding. Oh, and I bought some tortilla chips as a treat and to try and convince myself to eat them instead of ride. And salsa. Hopefully some baking pictures to come. No Sandy on trainer ones though, I don't want those getting on the net. And its hard to focus the camera while sweating so profusely.

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