Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let the classics season commence

With the arrival of the wind and rain today, I find myself reminded that the true classics season is starting to switch into "hard man" mode. I'm referring to the cobbled classics of Belgium and Northern France. Back here in Canada, we seemed to be creating our own version of the classic's weather. Starting off with some good solid rain and leading into some pretty ridiculous wind. I chose to do my ride in the wind instead of the rain. Kinda took a chance and really just wanted to take full advantage of the 10 degree temperatures. 3 hours of full on head wind or tail wind. At least I didn't get blown off the road this time. Other wise life is good. School is not terribly stressful, but perhaps I should just get more focused on it. Then again, it's somewhat hard to focus on school with only 3 weeks left and warm weather on the horizon. Such is life, I just need to squeeze 2.5 more weeks out of my "learning" section of my brain. Tomorrow is Wednesday, interval day, and then only 2 days until the weekend. Then only 2 weeks of class. Woopee.

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