Friday, April 25, 2008


Summer has come. Official now that the shackles of education have been left behind. A little of that working thing to do now to pay some bills, but for the most part - call me cyclist. Went out a a real nice spin on the Quebec side taking a slightly longer route up to Wakefield in the sun making for a nice chill 4 hours in the saddle. And speaking of saddles, this SLR is killing me softly. I picked up an old school Flite from the shop while working to try out yesterday as I'm not sure how much longer I can last on the SLR. Should be another decent riding day today, heading out for my intervals soon-ish and then meeting up with LP and Devi for a quick spin at 11. Home, shower and then a few hours of labour at the shop. Good times. Sunday will be a race day in Ste-Martine, QC and I'm starting to feel better. The legs are coming around after that crit and the nose is only mildy runny. Life is good being back in Ottawa. Other than having to get used to the wanker drivers this city seems to be populated with. Already had to 'express' my discontent to one particularly potent example of rushed Ottawa commuter scum yesterday. He is now well aware of my thoughts on why I should not "get off the road." Got an incredible cook book the other day from a used book shop too, so I'm pretty pumped to turn it and its tasty treats into my summer project. More on that as it comes available. Enjoy your day and hopefully see some of you this weekend/


Anonymous said...

Other than having to get used to the wanker drivers this city seems to be populated with.
--> I'll agree to that. F-n laziness!

All the best to those racing!

Wanta know what Floyd Landis is doing:

(I was going to go to the C100, but I may be going to the next one... 100 milers "hundies". Ain't nothing like sweet taste of dirt for 166km!)
Good riding in the gats now!

(got in 3 loops today... next plan of attack - 3 loops plus ride to wakefield via old 105 to 366 and 307... )

Anonymous said...

opps, link should be:

Anonymous said...

the damn thing cuts it off:

Anonymous said...

screw it...
go here:

came in 26th... ouch!
(out of the 3 (S100,M100,W101) I did last year, typically got in around 30th...
He's gotta get off the beer!)