Thursday, April 17, 2008

Slowly back on track

Things are getting better after a nasty few days in bed. Got this thing finally back down to a simply runny nose. Though the sucker is going like bloody Niagra falls. Snuck into Ottawa quick last night to pick up my new bike, pretty solid and snapped out a quick spin to see how it felt. For the most part it turned into a 45 minute spin that took 1 hour with my constant stopping and adjustment. After this, I felt sickboy deserved a nice schwarma for dinner before heading back home to sleep. Sleep, tea, zinc, soup and a quick 2 hour spin on the new bike made up today. Oh, and that pesky school thing. Made up for it with some of the sweet gravel roads I cruised. Though, other than exams, I am now down 1 year of post secondary studies. Tomorrow will involve a brief stop at school to drop off some stuff and print out some other documents, followed by a stop at home to swap out some gear and then off to Montreal to meet up with the team boys. Hit the road en mass and break for Salem New York, home of the Tour of Battenkill.
The new bike is truly pretty sweet. Real impressions to follow after the racing this weekend or perhaps with some tougher rides, but first impressions are good. SRAM is also pretty nice, comfy hoods and so far no problems misfiring the shifting and dropping gears instead of going easier. Though again, true race situations will show how comfortable I am with the system. Big thanks to the folks at Devinci, SRAM, FSA, and Mavic for setting us and me up with all this swank gear. But enough talk, here's some pics. I know this is the only reason many of you read this far...


Dumuro said...

See Please Here

Anonymous said...

sweet look'n ride.

schwarma - I love the schwarma... yum yum. Like to just haul back on that big piece of meet they have hanging. One day I will purchase one of those suckers (after an 8 hour ride). Sit back and just stuff my face on it. Friggen pig like or what? (I am)