Tuesday, April 8, 2008

closed? "expletive deletive"

That about sums up my ride yesterday. Pretty wicked anyways. Went out for a solid 5.5 hour loop with a perfectly planned Saint Cinnabon stop en route with about 2 hours until home. Apparently the clowns at St. Cinnabon decided to screw me and are currently closed on Mondays for winter hours. Hey, wankers, its spring. And Sandy is very hungry. Needless to say, I spend 3.5 hours looking forward to some icing covered glory, and instead, got chased by several dogs on an empty stomach. Not to mention the sun seemed to be holding some kind of grudge. At least it was warm and the route was good. Plans are beginning to take shape for this weekend. First team weekend of the year, get my new bike(s) and see who else feels like going for a spin. There is even a chance that I may be making an appearance at the Almonte-Roubaix now. Don't get you hopes up too much, but there is a chance. Almost makes me wish I had participated in some of the course riding going on. Today is some essay work, some school then an after class ride schedule. Good times.


Anonymous said...

the course was alright on Sunday. Mildly wet in spots. But, not bad.
Forecast on the weekend calls for rain.
How many kms are you putting in on a week?

sandyf said...

not sure. hours/intensity levels are more what i'm concerned with.