Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Not much of a riding day today. Cold this morning, and my body was feeling quite tired from the weekend and the crash. Spent some time stretching and slept in a bit before heading out to help kiwi with a reno project for a bit. Some dinner, now some tea and soon some more stretching and Hell's Kitchen. Still working on tracking myself down a massage before the weekend...
Anyone out there know where the best place in Ottawa is to find foam rollers? A figure a little self massage might be nice. Tried these suckers out in Belgium and what a difference they can make! For now I'll see what I can track down to make do. Preparations are underway for the weekend, got some errands to take care of for the long drive...
-music prep
-new batteries for my GameBoy.
-American cash monies.
-repair bike (new shifter, new bar tape, re-attach SRM power sensor, clean...)

I've also been playing around with a couple new toys.
-Aerobie Aero Press. Finally got around to getting my hands on the ideal race coffee maker. Just bring this syringe type press, some grinds, and get some boiling water. 10 seconds later you have some brilliant coffee. If you ride on my team, expect to see this baby in action this weekend. Otherwise, I'll try to post a picture blog soon.
-Compression socks. I look like an old man in them, but they are wickedly incredible for recovery and the long travel days. Mine are brown and, according to the old man who sold them to me, the highest available compression available sans prescription. He reminded me of my grandfather, and gave me a deal. Plus, they are brown.


Anonymous said...

all the best with your socks!

vicki said...

You can get a solid foam roller from OHPC - on Craig Henry. I picked one up in February and love it. Your tall co-worker has one as well.