Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day Schedule:
7-8am - wake up.
8-9 - food. coffee (see below for more on that). news.
9-10 - bike repairs. New bar tape, install new shifter, realize I don't have any narrow zap straps to re-install my SRM power sensor. General cursing.
11-12 - massage. Kudos to Holtz Spa for fitting me in. My body is muchos content now.
1-4 - ride. First hill intervals of the year. A little chilly, nice and painful, but a solid day on the bike. Finished the ride off with a recovery bike path cruise.
6 - dinner.
7 - Took some advice and grabbed myself a foam roller from OHPC.
NOW - tea. relaxing. stretching. I may need a beer for the hockey game though in a vain attempt to excite my life and therefore this blog.

Instead I will now go through some product reviews. First up, the Aerobie Aeropress. Brilliant little coffee maker, really. Well worth the $30 total it cost me. Basically, the complex is:
  • Total immersion of the grounds in the water results in rapid yet robust extraction of flavor.
  • Total immersion permits extraction at a moderate temperature, resulting in a smoother brew.
  • Air pressure shortens filtering time to 20 seconds. This avoids the bitterness of long
    processes such as drip brewing.
Here's the Sandy break down:
  • Shit is delicious.

Pretty sure this is undoubtedly the greatest portable (see race weekend) coffee maker available. Sturdy and simple design, and most importantly an excellent brew. Next on the list, gotta try and score myself a new Bialetti, maybe even one of the plug in ones to give myself some pre-race options...
Next time on 'stuff that doesn't suck', Sandy will look at either the foam roller or compression socks. Stay tuned.


Fenrisar said...

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Anonymous said...

i was just skimming your entry and the only thing that jumped out at me was "Shit is delicious"

oh how i laughed.
then i re-read.
and it all made sense.


Nancy said...

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Anonymous said...

Shit is delicious
-- me too! Loven' shit!

Anonymous said...

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