Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the good and the bad

Great day. Other than that pesky exam in the morning, but it went quite well. One more final exam to go and I am done 1 year of post secondary studies. Cool. I guess we'll go with the bad news first: my roommate the food thief is back at work. And full of denial.
Me: Greg, did you eat my burgers last night?
Greg: No way.
Me: Greg is that avocado on the ground next to you?
Greg: What? Oh ya, where the hell did that come from?
Me: My burger.
In good news, I made it to the crit last night and moved back the first batch of my large amounts of crap. Crit went quite well, and it appears that my body and legs are beginning to come around a bit more. Rode what I would describe as a very smart and tactical race (other than one failed bridging attempt). The early break actually managed to stay away, but barely and I pulled out a 2nd place in the field sprint. Apparently Bill's wheel was well worth the fight. Got back in the car for the drive back out to Perth after and now find myself attempting to submerge my brain with Math for the Trades II. Luckily my mark is quite good by my math standards. I even got in a fight with a wasp over my fruit salad this morning. He got the first hit in (stung my middle toe) but I won the battle crashing him with a towel and taking home the salad. Great success.

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Anonymous said...

Any photos from your NY & Boogie races?