Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Write off

Due to my incredible slacking and procrastinating skills, I took yesterday off the bike. Really had to finish the stupid term paper and get rolling on this stupid estimation assignment. Overall, Sandy was not a happy camper yesterday. Luckily the weather appears to be nice again, so I will be hitting the road shortly for a good spin and workout. Things are looking more and more likely like I will be able to score my new bike this weekend, so pictures and reports to come. Plus, ideally the blog should once again become quasi interesting with the start of race season visible on the horizon. For whatever reason, I seem to find myself excited to race, but unexcited to have to drive hours to get to said races. I think I should be back in Belgium. Time for a final pre-ride temperature check. Note: apple butter is a delicious topping for breads AND meats (such as pork).


Anonymous said...

I like riding.
Racing is alright.
Driving to the races is not fun, agreed.
I race way down south...

or way out west or way way down south.

I don't do much racing up here. They just don't have 100 miler or 7 stage races.
Kinda boring really.

Akinogal said...

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