Monday, April 7, 2008

tales of akward forehead tan lines

Good solid weekend. Got a quick ride in Friday in the frigid slush which promptly chilled me to the core and made me question my will to ride outside on such days. A quick tea, some warm clothes and an extra garlic-y chicken schwarma brought my spirits back up and kept me going through an afternoon of working at the shop. A quite and tame evening of tea, some reggae and some bike maintenance finished off the day. Up early Saturday morning for a nice tt bike ride out to the Peak Center and then back into work for the rest of the day. Just a little under 2.5 hours on the tt bike left me feeling really good and perhaps even jovial. I think this will be my new thing: tt bike riding for recovery days. Mix it up, freshen it up and use some slightly different muscle groups to leave the legs feeling glorious. Went out with Geoff and some other characters for beers after work, kind of welcome and goodbye ceremony for Geoff and a general excuse to go out and re-develop some aspect, or veneer, or a social life. Needless to say, I was a little late starting my ride on Sunday, but the sun and warmth was beckoning so I grabbed a coffee and went for a spin until Geoff was able to drag himself out of bed to join me. Pretty sweet loop complete with the necessary gas station refuel stop and a quick break on a patio in the sun. If there was a better coffee shop/bakery en-route this could have exemplified all that is glorious about spring miles. In the end, a hair under 6 hours for yours truly and some pretty ridiculous tan lines. Note, if you wear a tuque while riding in the sun, move it around some. I now have this horrendous tan line across the middle of my forehead and some nearly quality wrist lines due to no gloves and long sleeves. Back in Perth now, and just preparing for a second nice long day in the sun. Another nice one, 14 degrees and sunny it would appear, or perhaps not quite that warm yet. Maybe I'll find a different hat to wear. My testing went decently as well. Not super happy with the numbers, but don't think I ever have been or probably ever will be. They are looking quite decent for this time of the year though, time to focus on week or simply unstarted areas.


Anonymous said...

Got in some great riding this weekend.
Saturday to Wakefield from around mooneys bay area, 105km. Took a nasty wipe out on the train tacks though. Was bombing it as I always do along Riviere, when I bunny hopped the tracks my front wheel caught the 2nd track. Went flying through the air like a dead duck.
Instant response - "fn tracks!" got up spun off. I've had worse accidents. My gf busted her shoulder bone at the tracks last year though.

Got in 180km worth of riding yesterday. From mooneys to Almonte. Did the race course (snow infested it was in spots). Biked home. Friggen wind was a bastard.

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