Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Weekend plans are changing by the second. Team ride is now off due to crap weather and missing teammates. Ah, the early season. So far I am fairly certain I will be heading direction Montreal on Friday to pick up my new bike. Exciting. Then I plan on racing. Weather seems kinda shitty all over, so the best option seems to be heading south to the land of smog, also known as Toronto. Mosport on Saturday, Hamilton on Sunday. Still not sure if I'll do both, or one. I think it will be one of those near the end decisions, but Mosport is leading due to being closer driving wise. If I feel good during and after, then maybe continue along to the dirty Hammer. We'll see, maybe bed bath and beyond. I don't know if we'll have enough time! Back on track and away from the Old School quotes, I mostly just want to stay healthy and get some racing miles in my legs pre-Battenkill. Today provided me with some excellent weather and even better riding. Honestly, 16 degrees by 10am in April is pretty good in my books. 2 hours with my super secret training in the AM, class/recovery time followed by a super chill 2 hour spin in the PM after class. About 5 minutes of light rain at the start of the second ride which quickly gave way to sunshine and lollipops. Nice steak for dinner. Was planning on salmon, but a few of my food items have recently disappeared. Never saw them claims the roomie.... I am unimpressed and quite unhappy about this. Should be another nice day tomorrow though, which means one thing: more quality miles.


Anonymous said...

should have more underground races...
Other places have'm

check this out:

tour de burg.
Its a 7 stage race. Mostly on a road bike. Picture yourself on your road bike bombing down Penquin (#1 the climb) on 700x23s.
That's what it is.
There is 2-3 days on a mtb. But, for the most part its all on a road bike.
Any bigger than 700x25 is frowned upon. Wimp like creatures only use greater.

We should have similar races here.
Pool of cash collected (lets say 25 bucks). Winner takes all.
We have the terrain.
We just don't have the gutts (too risk adverse).

Anonymous said...

Opps, forgot to mention... if you want to go (open pretty much, but expect some btch ass riding, hard riding. technical riding. Hair raising), yah gotta do up a letter of intent:

Dear Creator,

I have been called here by the great bicycle jesus.

The good lord sent me a dream.

A dream of going down miles and miles of hard azz mountain on a skinny.

The good lord told me I would be enlightened.

A dream of hitting speeds of 50mph with a shatz face grin.

The good lord told me that there is an end to it.

A dream of eating good eats and riding with some of the world's best.

The dream ended. Bicycle jesus appeard with a smile and said - son, be a crazy SOB and go do it.

So, here i sit with this letter of intent in my hand at the foot steps of the creators that bring us the event that will brown our underpants. Please take it and do as you may.


(I didn't go last year, did a multi stage mtb race instead in the rockies...)