Thursday, April 10, 2008

In the bag

with Sandy
Today will be a special feature on what's in Sandy's pockets when ride time rolls around. Since I returned from active racing duty in the land of cobbles and beer, I have not touched an "engineering food product" whiles riding. Keep in mind I'm not counting the dozens of calorie laden sticky buns and the like from South Carolina, I mean those bars and gels. I am quite happy about this and will continue along my merry way in such fashion, maybe packing the occasional gel for the end of a race. My stomach has been quite happy. This week in Sandy's bag-'o-ride-food I have eaten:
-nutella sammies. well, actually, PC brand Chocolate Spread sammies. It's cheaper.
-Apple butter sammies. Delicious stuff this. Goes brilliant on my cinnamon, raisin, vanilla bread.
-fruit. apples, bananas, pears. Whatever is in the cupboard.
-fresh chocolate chip cookies. Compliments of my grandmother. Sooooooo good.
-chocolate chip banana bread. Another pick-me up reserved (at looked forward too) at the end of a long ride.
-nuts. I love almonds. Fatty little buggers, but packed with energy. Try mixing some chocolate covered peanuts in the bag too.

Also in the pockets...
-iPod. what are long solo miles without some background music?
-tube/pump/multi tool. You never know.
-$$ not much, but nothing worse than a bonk or a cinnamon bun craving 2 hours from home.
-rain cape or layers. lately, not so much the cape. But it's nice to room to shed layers or bring some extra stuff. Sometimes I think I'm hard and don't wear gloves. Then I realize my hands are cold, its 8am and pull them out of my pocket when no one is looking.

Welcome to my pockets, where there is enough food for me to eat once an hour, 20 something gigs of music and some bike repair equipment. Today was a good day to ride. Along with all my gear, I packed in an excellent 5 hours in the sun. Still leg warmer and long sleeve, not to mention tuque and neck warmer, but sunny, warm and excellent none the less. I figure when its 15 when I start, then we'll consider knee warmers or just a regular cap. That is all. The weekend is in sight, and so is by association the first weekend of racing.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, what to bring. Takes years and years to come up with a good mix of goodies.
For me the essentials are:

~a dirty little music box with some dirty little tunes. I can recall over a hundred times though that I have forgotten to recharge it.
~ tools: chain break, spare link, pump, spare tube, tube glue, multi-tool, spare der'l cable, der'l hanger, small roll of duct tape, 2 ties, if req'd small thing of oil (depending upon if I'm doing CX or road and if wet).
~ credit card and cash (in case the bike breaks down)

Things that have happened to me in the past:
~ stuck way out at Lake Phillipe as my der'l busted.
~ stuck in Wakefield as my der'l hanger snapped
~ busted rims, walk it out.
~ busted frames, walk it out.
~ busted BB, carry it out.
~ busted crank, walk it out
~ busted chains, no tool, SS it out.
~ flashed by nudist in the middle of the forest, no place around civilization as I was fixing a flat. Throw pump at prick! That was one of the strangest things ever happened to me while mtbing.
Then comes the bears. Last year 4 of the suckers, one momma and 3 cubs. Just me and momma bear. Go like hell training!