Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wind and thoughts

Sitting here, in recovery mode (as per usual this time of the day) eating an orange and watching the sun set. It seems to me that I enjoy many of the little things around me that much more with riding. Either taking the time during a ride to enjoy a view, the pain in my legs, or now... resting and relaxing. The day seems that much more well spent after a hard day on the bike. Cold and windy today, high of 7 degree (1 degree on top of Caesar's Head) and some serious bloody wind. Rode out with some randomized cross and tail winds out to the climb with Hunt and Geoff, generally attempting to stay warm. When we hit the climb I took off for my tempo work, which by the way hurt. Definitely took my legs a solid 15-20 minutes to stop whining and get with the program. Nothing like the pain of the first real organized tempo to help you enjoy why you ride your bike. Started feeling better for the second half and generally began to enjoy my ride. Minus the pain. Headed back down to meet up with the boys and then headed back up to the top with them. Bought a newspaper at the top, mostly to enrich our minds. But also to stuff down our jerseys as a little extra insulation for the descent. Second switchback lead to a little surprise to me and apparently the driver behind me as my rear tube blew through the corner. Guess my rear wheel fishtailed a little as a result of this as I pulled over with a few choice words as the the driver behind me promptly pulled over to check to see if I was alright. Nice people. Popped in a new tube and set back down the hill, somewhat more carefully, to chase down the peloton. Who happened to be waiting a few more turns down as the same driver had even warned them that I had flatted. Like I said, nice people. Finished the ride home off with 2 hours or so of solid headwind action. Plus a few 5 minute intervals for Hunt with Geoff and I sitting on and enjoying the his draft. A little under 5.5 hours and 150km in the end. Definitely feeling it a little in the legs by the end. No problems finishing, just that first intensity in the legs feeling. Quick snack and some pondering regarding my somewhat limited dinner options and here we are. Perhaps another movie night tonight to wind down. Word on the street (aka what I intend to do) is a nice loop involving an (apparently) wicked long gravel climb. Gotta try to squeeze out a few more hours in the saddle before heading back to more snow.
Advice of the day: slow down. enjoy what you're doing and where you're doing it. Try something new, and go out on a limb. And yes, I think I sound like a fortune cookie.

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Anonymous said...

Lucky duck!
Its -30oC in Ottawa right now. Forecast calls for more damn snow!
I wanta get out riding without all the salt crap.
My winter bike broke down and my weekend cyclocross ride is breaking down...
Gone are the days of good riding for me till the bikes get fixed.
Enjoy the warmth while you can cause you'll be home soon to the freezing cold!