Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rolling along

Pretty much a normal day here. Back down to a good ol' 5 hour jaunt in the mountains. Up Whitewater Falls, up to Cashiers, across to Sapphire and back on down. Threats of rain prevailed, but only hit Keir and I for a few seconds. Even a few minutes of sun near the end to cut through the cool spring air. Actually, it was pretty bloody chilly up in the mountains. Either way, a quick gas station stop to reful the engines, as the coffee shop was closed (what kind of half-assed coffee shop is closed on Saturdays and Sundays???), got us back home in good shape and spirits. Chalk up another 125kms in the books, and then off to the grocery store for a few final supplies to get me through the week. And apparently to buy Geoff some food too as he forgot his debit card. Also made a quick stop by Jittery Joes coffee shop. Figured with all they give to cycling the least I could do as a cyclist would be to stop by, check it out and give a little support myself. Support in the way of a small dark roast to go and a can of beans. Solid. Nice fish for dinner with a spinach salad and some couscou to end the day. Tomorrow should be quite nice weather wise and Keir, Geoff and I should be putting in another long miles day with 5-6 flat miles planned in the sun. Tuesday is apparently a rain day, so should provide an excellent opportunity for some rest and recovery before 3 more big days and then my return to snowy Canada. I think I need a big ol' espresso machine to go with my barrista course. Yes mom, this is a hint. Just think of it as an investment and some quality morning cappuchinos! I feel something solid like a Rancilio Silvia would do nicely.

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