Sunday, February 3, 2008


Weekend has been a write off so far. Friday was a work day. Three hours of shop, drive home in the blizzard and then 5 hours of reno work with Kiwi. Needless to say I was a little tired. A pre-birthday dinner with the folks (as I will be down south for my real one this year) and then a decently early bedtime. Woke up Saturday with the cause of my off weekend. Felt kinda like the flu, but with more emphasis on wanting to throw up. Not sure what brought it on, but left work early and pretty much slept for 24 hours. Woke up Sunday feeling slightly tired still, but basically normal. I have even elected to take today off the bike (this is a planned rest week) to make sure whatever was in my system is completely gone. Less than a week till departure. No way I want to be sick down south. Basically resting today, drinking plenty and worked on prepping my bike. Pictures to follow on that front. Swap gearing, new bar tape, pop on the Regal saddle, adjust the cables, new chain, cover the logos... still waiting on my new chain rings. Things appear to be coming together. Thats about it for me. We'll try for a couple of longer days in the saddle the next few days followed by some nice short spins before leaving.


JAC said...

fizzzle fizzle fizzle!
Some good riding this weekend.
Got in about 120km worth of riding!
From Wakefield through to Low (the dam) - big loop.
Saturday, wipped out on my azz about 12 times. Azz is blue. Forearms are blue.
Sunday, stuck on the Nokian studded CX tires. A bit heavy, but I stuck to the ground like a fly on wet sh@t! Fast it was on Sunday.
Biked into work today (from around mooneys to Orleans).
Alright, a bit slushy... big fat mtb tires are slooooow going.

next weekend - hope to get in 180km, i hope... well, thats the plan anyhow.
Feel free to join it... the ice should be gone by then.

Anonymous said...

opps, forgot to mention...
if your looking for a nonofficial sort of race to prep yurself up for spring

good uphills fast downhills
a hell of a good time on a cyclocross. Boring on a mtb. Road bike with 700x20s would just be deadly, but fun to see!

sandyf said...

sorry mate. gone as of next saturday morning for the land of deep fired everything and/or bacon flavoured anything... the south...